Helping clients get better on their own, with the support of therapy.

We focus on what works for each client. We make it a point to be present, safe, responsive and interactive. We encourage clients to do the same, which means being actively involved in their therapy, asking questions, disagreeing and practicing the very changes we are working toward in the therapy itself. Change is not something that occurs outside of the therapy relationship, rather more along-side.

“My family is living proof that ‘change can happen’, as a result of the support and guidance we received from our professional therapist, whom we consider an Angel! We received positive direction that transformed the way we carry the weight of life and it’s challenges. As a result we feel lighter and free and ready to move forward. The best part is, we know when life throws it’s punches again, we have a safe place to turn and that is a tremendous relief for myself and family. I’ll be forever grateful for this trusting support we receive from Change Happens.”

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updated 08/2021