What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say

As a group of therapists dedicated to our clients’ well-being, we are always striving to ensure we provide the utmost in quality service.

Our clients say we do a great job of giving our full attention, listening actively, reflecting and respecting them as individuals. Our clients also rank us with high marks administratively, saying our response time on the intake process, help with billing and respectful reminder calls are appreciated.

We are also proud that our clients give us kudos for not talking too much about ourselves and our experiences and not saying or doing things that make our clients feel uncomfortable.

Here are some testimonials from clients:

“It is very much appreciated that the business and personal ethics of the therapists are above and beyond. The care given has been respectful and a positive experience. Thank you. Continue the great work!”

“Everything has been perfect! Thank you very much for all you do. I will be forever grateful!”

“I feel comfortable with my therapist and my sessions. I have had many great chapters closed and have experienced benefits in my life since therapy. This is a great program, and it has benefited me.”

“You guys are awesome. I have never felt more safe in a place where I am free to speak and am not judged.”

“Thank you! Very happy! I am making progress. I enjoy the time spent with you.”

“My family is living proof that ‘change can happen’, as a result of the support and guidance we received from our professional therapist, whom we consider an Angel!  We received positive direction that transformed the way we carry the weight of life and it’s challenges.  As a result we feel lighter and free and ready to move forward.  The best part is, we know when life throws it’s punches again, we have a safe place to turn and that is a tremendous relief for myself and family. I’ll be forever grateful for this trusting support we receive from Change Happens.”

“I love Change Happens atmosphere. It’s calm, comfortable and down to earth.  You’ve helped me to see different perspective on many issues, and also helped me to calm down and take time for ME. Nice to know there’s place to go where there is no judgement and I can speak freely. Thanks so much for all you do!”

Updated: 06/25/2024