Addiction Therapy

Addiction Counseling

Addiction Therapy

One myth about addiction is that it does not affect anyone except the person who is dependent or using!

Such a myth is far from the reality of the problem! Individuals who are actively using and abusing alcohol or other substances or behaviors, and who become dependent, would like to believe that they do not have a problem, and that it is anyone and everyone else’s problem except their own.

Denial keeps individuals from being painfully aware of the ways in which they along with family and friends are being affected. Our perspective and approach is based on a clear and comprehensive understanding of both the processes of use, abuse and dependence, the multi-layered ways it impacts individuals, families, and communities, and the processes of healing and recovery.

Addictive logic would have us think ‘why do today what we can put off until tomorrow?’ Recovery wisdom is exactly the opposite, ‘why put off until tomorrow what should have been done days, weeks, months or even years ago?’ What will it take to reach your bottom? Change Happens is here to help you raise the bar with compassion and understanding without enabling the same vicious cycles we are trying to change.