Trauma Therapy

Trauma Counseling

Trauma Therapy

One of the most important things to keep in mind in dealing with the aftermath of traumatic events is that traumas are something that happens to us. Trauma is not us.

Many individuals do not think what they have been through is traumatic as one of the main coping skills in dealing with something that is overwhelming is to find a way to minimize or make it not as bad as it may be. Also, it is not uncommon for some to experience repetitive traumatic events such as prolonged verbal, emotional, physical abuses within family or intimate partner relationships, making the acknowledgment of the traumatic experiences all the more complicated and confusing.

Other types of traumas include severe accidents and injuries, natural disasters, criminal acts of violence, active military duty during times of war, and severe medical or physical losses.

One of the first priorities in the healing work is establishing safety for the survivor both physically and psychologically. Change Happens is acutely aware of the importance of safety in a constructive and reconstructive space to begin the survivor’s process toward thriving again.

We looking forward to helping you start to overcome the traumatic events that have affected you.