Depression Therapy

Depression Counseling

Depression Therapy

How do I know if I am or my child or teenager is depressed? Don’t we all go through our ups and downs, especially in the world we live in now?

While this is certainly reality, and although we sometimes struggle for a time through our downs, clinical depression can be a predisposed condition that interferes with developing and using healthy coping skills. It can also develop out of prolonged periods of or serial experiences of a variety of life’s stressful events.

The expression ‘when in doubt, check it out’ applies when trying to rule in or out a diagnosis of depression. Some signs and symptoms for adolescents that would warrant further assessment include notable changes in sleeping patterns, eating, weight loss or gain, or any extreme change from one usual behavior to another than is not typical for your child or teen. This also can include going from cheerful and fun loving mood to a somber or sad one; preferring to isolate during usual family interactions. Often, mood changes are accompanied by a drop in grades or observations of changes from others, such as friends and teachers.

Change Happens offers initial consults prior to going through an intensive assessment should you be interested in getting a professional opinion but not yet certain if therapy is needed or if it is the route you are interested in taking.

We can help your child and you with depression, we’re here to help.