Angel Readings & Medium Readings

Andrew Oxman, Angel MediumAndrew Oxman, Angel Medium

Have you ever wondered whether Angels can communicate with us?

Angel Medium Andrew Oxman provides Angel Readings.

What is an Angel Reading?

An angel reading is an opportunity to receive guidance and encouragement from the angels. Through the use of angel oracle cards the angels will discuss important themes in the client’s life. These themes can be related to one’s life purpose, career and work life, relationships with others, creative talents and inspiration, personal and spiritual growth, and other topics in the client’s life. During the reading the client can ask the angels questions and receive their answers.

Andrew Oxman is a professional Angel Oracle Card Reader and Medium. He has given readings in venues in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Hampshire. He teaches students how to read angel oracle cards. He has been interviewed about working with the angels on the Doug Foresta Show on Blog Talk Radio.

Andrew Oxman is certified as an Advanced Angel Tarot and Oracle Card Reader by Dr. Doreen Virtue, founder of Angel Therapy ®. He also received certification in Angel Communication by Carol Hunt, founder of Access to Angels, Inc., Angel Therapist ® and medium who trained extensively with Doreen Virtue.

Andrew has been a student of spiritual studies for over 25 years. His topics of interest have included A Course in Miracles, Abundance and Prosperity, Near Death Experiences, Past Lives, Manifestation, Angels and Archangels, Ascended Masters, Meditation, Psychic Skill Development, and Angel Interventions.

Andrew is available to provide the following services:

  • Give Angel Readings and Medium Readings
  • Teach Classes about How To Read Angel Oracle Cards
  • Teach Classes about Communicating with Archangels and Ascended Masters
  • Give Inspirational Speaking Engagements about the Spiritual Realm

To schedule a reading, sign up for his classes, and arrange a speaking engagement, Andrew can be contacted by phone at (413) 386-4451, and by email at:

Client Testimonial

“My name is Colin and I am a 56 year old man who has been studying spirituality and seeking the truth for the last 30 years. I have had many types of readings over the years including mediums, psychics, tarot readers and past life regression specialists, all very credible people. I have not, however, experienced anything as emotionally powerful or as specifically informational as the angel reading I was given by Andrew Oxman. The reading Andrew gave me answered many life-long questions and gave me specific directions that would enable me to advance spiritually as well as enrich my life in general. This reading had the single greatest positive impact on my life of any reading I have ever had. The information and direction Andrew’s reading has given me even surpasses anything I have ever read. I had never met Andrew prior to my reading. I can tell you that Andrew is not only a very caring, gentle individual, he is also an extremely skilled and talented spiritualist in his chosen field of angel readings. Andrew took the time to explain every message and always asked if I had any questions. It is without reservation and with great honor and privilege that I would highly recommend Andrew Oxman to anyone seeking spiritual knowledge and direction.” – Colin Nedwied